Road bike tours on Tenerife

The following link leads to a selection of our road bike tours. Feel free to download and try:

Link zu Merida


The Orotavavalley offers a diversity of beautiful road bike routes. Among these are shorter trips of about 45 to 60 kilometers, all starting from Puerto de la Cruz.

The fee for each of these basic tours amounts 49,- €. Bike, helmet and guiding are included.


A nice route leads us from the cost of Puerto to Garachico in the west and further to Buenavista del Norte. Especially on sundays this tour generates good conditions as there is very few traffic on our way. With a length of about 90 kilometers this is a level 2 trip. The fee amounts 59,- €, including bike, helmet and guiding.


A trip through the Cañadas de Tenerife is unforgettable. This road bike tour is a ripsnorter in terms of endurance: It' s a long and challenging trip of level 3 with an altitude of 3000 hm, starting in Puerto de la Cruz. The fee for this tour amounts 69,- €, including bike, helmet and guiding.