Touren Level 2

The Orotava Valley




The Orotava Valley starts at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level. This tour begins with the outstanding panoramic view and a Cortado, a local coffee speciality. From there we our downhill run on mainly single trail heading to the Playa (Beach). Tight turns, a steep descent through rocky terrain and or fast nice flowing trail will excite your downhill junky heart. The Orotava Valley is one of the diversified biking area of the island. You can spend several days riding through the valley enjoying amazing trails. The tour ends at a Bar at the beach. A beautiful view over the ocean and a couple drinks will give us a moment to rewind a amazing day of biking. These are the moments what we are all living for.



Anaga area






The Anaga area is a trail paradise. The variances of trails allow us to customize the tour only for you. Saving energy with our shuttle service for a amazing ride down of powering out our muscles with a beautiful climb, everything is possible in the Anaga area. My favorite tour is through never ending trails down to the beach.


The tours can vary between a altitude of 500 to 1500m. A lunch break is obviously part of our tour. We could have a Pick nick in the wild nature of Anaga or we stop at one of the local tavern, this tour is all about keeping it flexible